Within Putnam County lies a 320-acre treasure trove of waterfront living called Heritage Lake. This private lake boasts a dam, numerous activities, diverse real estate, a close-knit community, and a quiet atmosphere. As a result, it offers desirable waterfront living to anyone looking for the adventure and beauty of the water combined with the privacy of a quiet community.


Heritage Lake is a private lake. This means that all of the land around the lake is privately owned and that the neighborhood is gated. The result is a safe, close-knit community ideal for anyone from families to retirees who wants to enjoy the waterfront without sacrificing the peacefulness of community living.

Heritage Lake Property Owners Association

The Heritage Lake community takes great pride in the health of the lake. As a result, the lake is actively kept clean and stocked with fish, and the dam is kept in good repair. Behind these activities is the Heritage Lake Property Owners Association, which regularly releases updates about their work, engages the community in maintaining and improving the lake and surrounding area, and which is committed to ensuring that Heritage Lake thrives.

Community Activities

The Heritage Lake community also offers residents numerous activities throughout the year. These include annual holiday traditions such as fireworks on the Fourth of July and an Easter egg hunt. Other activities available to residents are concerts, visits from Santa during Christmas, and more.

Amenities available as part of the Heritage Lake community include a marina, a clubhouse and activity center, a tennis court, and a sports complex. Three beaches, 3 parks, and 3 picnic areas also make it easy for residents to enjoy the lake with friends and family throughout the year.


Water activities are abundant on Lake Heritage. One of the most popular of these is fishing. The lake is kept well stocked with a variety of fish (bass, crappie, bluegill, etc.). As a result, residents can enjoy the challenge and fun of fishing, and the marina provides live bait for fishermen wanting to try their luck.


Residents who wish to boat may do so on Heritage Lake. A variety of boats and boating activities are allowed, and boating events are put on by the community every year. Even if you do not own a boat, you can rent one at the marina.


Swimming is available at Heritage Lake through both pools and beaches. Even homes that are not directly on the water have access to the pool and beaches.

Real Estate

Often, waterfront living is only available to people who are able and willing to pay a premium for the real estate. At Heritage Lake, however, there is a wide variety of land and housing available to accommodate a range of budgets. From cove homes that can cost around $100,000 to larger houses directly on the waterfront for more than $1 million, it is possible for almost anyone to find the type of housing they prefer.

Despite the variations in price, size, and features,  all Heritage Lake homes have water access. Homes that are not directly on the waterfront still provide water access through the marina, beaches, and various ramps that allow you to place your boat in the water.

With the variety of real estate and guaranteed water access, there is no bad property on Heritage Lake. Instead, this community offers people of all ages and lifestyles the opportunity to enjoy waterfront living and a safe, peaceful community on a beautiful lake.