Putnam County’s Thriving Community Is Fertile Ground for Small Businesses

When 500 square miles of land were purchased from Native Americans in 1809 and 1818, it is doubtful that anyone knew exactly how much promise the area held for the people and businesses that would soon occupy it. However, just three short years later, thanks to a growing population, the land was incorporated as Putnam County, and its growth and productivity have blossomed in the more than 200 years since.

The success of Putnam County is due in part to the efforts of entrepreneurs and visionaries who pushed for new and beneficial additions to the area. For example, farmers obtained one of the first railroads in the region. Two newspapers were established in the first 30 years of the county’s existence. And the generosity of land developer Ephraim Dukes and his daughter in donating land to the county led to the establishment of the county seat of Greencastle.

Agriculturally and industrially, Putnam County thrived. Its many natural resources (such as forests, quarries, and rich soil) made it a prime location for businesses of many kinds. In addition, the area took the lead in women’s rights, with Indian Asbury University (now DePauw University) becoming the first Western institution to grant equal access to women.

Today, Putnam County continues to thrive, thanks to the drive of its more than 37,000 occupants, and its numerous small businesses. With more than two dozen cities, towns, and other areas within the county, consistent economic and population growth, and the presence of many young people (about 50 percent of the population is between the ages of 25 and 64), Putnam County is poised to continue prospering.

In order to support the numerous small businesses that make up the heart of the county and that contribute to its economic success, a number of resources have sprung up. Spearheaded by Vincent Aguirre from Distinct Web Design, these resources provide a way for small businesses to continue succeeding in Putnam County.

GoPutnamCounty.com, for example, provides a place where people can quickly access information about small businesses and activities in the county. It has experienced significant growth since its founding in January 2016. In addition to offering listings of local businesses and events, it provides a Buy Local online store where people can purchase local Putnam County products and offers a variety of partnerships to businesses that join the website. Altogether, the site is a valuable resource for visitors and residents of Putnam County who want to engage more deeply with the local community, and for small businesses that want greater exposure for their products and services.

With growth, resources, and a long history of success behind it, Putnam County offers a promising opportunity for small businesses to thrive. To find out more about any of these resources or how to help your small business succeed, contact us today.